Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mercury Wall

New Al Tinnin Vault Mercury Wall
By Frater YShY

Original is 5' x 8'
Media is a Photoshop file and True Type Fonts

January 31st, 2010 ev.

I invite you to continue to follow along in this experiment with a new media. While all Inner Order Vaults are hand-painted and therefore naturally are different, to my knowledge this will be the only Vault of its kind that uses the new philosophy and methods behind colour blending, and has been made in Photoshop.

So, I have been meaning to mention that this method I am using is a fusion of the Brodie Innes flashing colours that was supposedly in his Vault, and the juxtaposition method of Whare Ra. To those unfamiliar, the first method is of the M.'.M.'. that the ZAM uses to paint his or her Elemental Weapons. The second is the full 50:50 juxtaposition method as described in the Book of the Tomb.

As I have already mentioned elsewhere, how this works is that I use a 20:80 ratio of Wall colour to Square colour, and the same for the complimentary symbols. This utilization of the two methods is intentional, and while I may try other methods in the future for other Vaults in the Order, I am going to follow this one through consistently on all seven walls for now. My plan is to create a juxtaposition-coloured wall that really flashes, and so far, these three walls flash just as well as the Study using the basic twelve colours which are commonly termed the primary, secondary and the tertiary colours.

As I continue on in this project, I actually find I prefer to eyeball a few of the colours, as the number values sometimes need to be tweaked a little. Some may notice I re-posted the images a few times as revision caught a few minor mistakes. For those of us who like to arcive things of interest we find on the net, I recommend you check back here periodically for adjustments and new versions of the Vault. This is a work in progress, and I will continue revising as I see fit, removing old versions that are not quite right. I will eventually post when I am finished revising, and that is when I suggest you re-save the images and erase any incorrect archived posts of the images that may have been made.

I also will make available the larger files and printing instruction to make your own Vault to anyone who: a) sends me an email request; and b) can handle waiting for me for as long as it takes to finish the other 4 walls, ceiling and floor.

Whatever the case may be for the differing methods of painting, the varying levels of correctness and the virtues this supposedly brings to the Vault; there is something valuable and to be cherished about the effort we put into these pursuits, for regardless of the differences in the end results, the quality of the effort and the care in the finishing work speaks for itself.

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