Monday, June 22, 2009

Reverse of the Complete Symbol of the Rose Cross

Anyone who has taken the time to create a Complete Symbol of the Rose Cross knows how very time consuming, difficult, and how very rewarding such an endeavor can be. For a new Adept, working alone to make this device can be very frustrating, and that's just painting the front of it! Some Inner Orders only give the E Document instructions and it is often quite difficult for the ZAM to figure out the reverse inscriptions. The original Order description requires the new ZAM to reverse-translate it back into Latin, a daunting task unless one has a working knowledge of Latin, or knows others who do. The ZAM is often hard pressed to finish the Jewel by himself and unassisted by others. Some of us belong to Orders who offer additional internal documents with the correct translation, while others are solitary or belong to an Order who takes the above injunction to finish the 5 = 6 Jewel alone literally, as if it were a test.

Perhaps he is lucky, or fortuitous, and the new ZAM happily stumbles upon the above old pre-R.R. et A.C. Rosicrucian ink drawing in an old folio book and ran it through an online Latin translator, ahem, like I did a few years ago.

Here are the instructions from the E Document, complete with the old Orders characteristically archaic forms of capitalization:

"At the top is written in Latin: 'The Master Jesus Christ, God and Man,' between four Maltese crosses, which represent the four pyramids of the Elements opened out. This is placed at the uppermost part because here is affirmed the descent of the Divine Force into Tiphareth, which is the central point between Supernals and Inferiors. But at the lowest part is written the Motto of the Zelator Adeptus Minor, because therein is the affirmation of the elevation of the Human into the Divine. But this is impossible without the assistance of the Divine Spirit from Kether, whence the space above Malkuth is white upon the front aspect of the Cross -white being the Symbol of the Spiritual rescuing from the material. In the centre, between the symbols of the Alchemical Principles of which the outermost is Sulphur, the purgational fire of suffering and self-sacrifice is written in Latin: 'Blessed be the Lord our God who hath given us the Symbol SIGNUM and this is a word of six letters, thus representing the six periods (creative) in the Universe. And the Regimen of the Planets necessary ere the Glory of the Sun can be obtained."

The correct Latin is as follows:



R.R. ET A.C.

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