Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Jewel of a Theoricus Adeptus Minor

The Ring
Jewel of a Theoricus Adeptus Minor

Multi-Media cardboard, paper and pen & ink.
Created by VH Frater YShY, Fall 2009

The Jewel of a Theoricus Adeptus Minor is the Ring, from the Ring and Disk of a ThAM. As the ThAM studies the 1 = 10 grade, so too is the Jewel is hung by a ribbon of white, or the four colors of Malkuth. The colors of the ring are attributed to the elements, and are the three primaries and black (or alternately the three primaries and instead of black, the four colors of Malkuth). This use of primary colour is to show that to the ThAM the elements are not as intermingled as they were to the ZAM, who (apart from white charges) uses the earth tones in the creation of the earth disk of that sub-grade.

A cross between a pendulum and the Ouija board, I have never been a tremendous supporter of the Ring and Disk as it smacks of the table turning and spirit seances popular in the Fin du siecle. Not that this means it should be excluded, it has its place. In my opinion, and speaking only from my own experiences, I have had equal but different successes with the Enochian system. Enochian seems better suited for full conversations, while The Ring and Disk is best to receive certain formula by way of specific words and quotes, information some magicians have less success gathering through scrying. For some reason, Enochian magicians have not all learned the trick of automatic writing while scrying, a technique already touched upon in a post below, and therefore the Ring and Disk are more useful for very specific words to be received. It is for this reason I do recommend both types of working.

The divine name upon it in white is Eheieh, meaning "I AM", and which among other things, is attributed to Kether, the first sphere and the numeral one in 1 = 10.


  1. Excellent work. I really like the way you have written your motto too.


  2. I am certainly enjoying your blog, please keep them coming.

    Soror FSO

  3. Hi,
    I would like to build my own vault.
    Would you be so kind and provide me the picture with the all 7 walls the ceiling and the floor, please.